QUIESST database of European NRD

Content overview

The database of Noise Reducing Devices (NRD) currently contains data from the different methods with acoustical classes, single number rating and 1/3rd octave band spectral resolution. The database contains 414 different NRD manufactured by 40 noise barrier manufacturers, more than 1421 different measurement results, performed by 25 different laboratories from 9 European countries. The table shows a first overview of the current content of the NRD database. A detailed view of the database content including all the performed analyses has been presented in deliverable D4.3.

Entry type Entries
Noise Reducing Devices 414
Single Measurements 1421
Manufacturers 40
Laboratories 25
Countries 9

The data have been collected from the main European countries producing Noise Reducing Devices. The diagram shows the geographical distribution of the Noise Reducing Devices present in the database and the European countries where the NRD have been produced.